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This is the edging that surrounds the border of your blocked paved driveway, you will find that they are normally made of blocks, bricks or other paver units, sometimes also referred to as soldier courses. The main function of block paved edging is to provide a robust restraint for the paved driveway, which will then prevent its spreading and losing its load-bearing capabilities.

Some of the other functions of block paved edging on paved driveways include:

  • They will prevent the use of cut blocks at the edge of the pavement. Allowing the driveway to be installed with only full blocks.
  • Used as level guides of the screeded bed.
  • Often facilitate cutting-in procedures.
  • Useful as drainage channels and re-directing surplus water to suitable disposal points in the garden of drain, for example the edge can fall away from a wall providing a channel to direct water to a specific point within the garden.
  • Aesthetically pleasing forming a frame around the driveway giving definition and shape, great on many driveways as they provide a contrast in colour, pattern or even material.

Primary function of block paved edging

The main function as we have established is that the edging provides a restraint to the driveway. A key feature of the edging once in place is that it’s now capable of withstanding the lateral pressures that will be exerted from traffic on the driveway.

Sometimes edging is included and it isn’t for its retaining structure qualities such as when the driveway is against a wall or a kerb, this will purely be for its aesthetic appearance.

Edging blocks can be laid single, double, triple even quadruple depending on what the requirements and specifications are of the driveway. The designs and patterns can be endless, leaving your new block paved driveway looking amazing.

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