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We’ll soon be seeing the darker, colder nights draw in, even more so when the clocks go back!

Winter months are not only much colder here in Yorkshire but they bring with higher precipitation, witch of course can bring the risk of localised flooding. Below we consider what setbacks you may have when it comes to your new driveway being installed and if you already have your driveway installed what you need to do to keep it maintained during winter.

Are you booked in to have your driveway installed in the winter months?

Installing your driveway in winter isn’t a problem as long as you’re using a professional company with the relevant experience needed to successfully install your driveway to the correct specifications.

Notes to consider

  • Depending on the surface you choose, the cold weather conditions could delay how long things take to fully cure so may mean your driveway is out of action for a longer period of time.
  • Equipment and materials need to be stored and used in the correct temperatures, an established driveway installers will know when and when to use the required materials.
  • Some surfaces won’t be able to be installed on wet conditions this could delay the installation process for you, even more so over a prolong period of heavy rain. – The professionals for you

If you’re considering a new driveway now and having companies round to quote for you then chances are if they’re a reputable company they won’t have any installation dates before the winter months arrive and into the New Year, so it really is worth noting the above beforehand.

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