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A recent news article in the Doncaster Free Press made reference of people taking advantage of their Doncaster driveway, by making money from a driveway that sits empty most of the day.

The Doncaster Free Press goes on to say that you could rent out your driveway for around £1,000 a year, when it’s not being used by yourself, maybe you’re out at work or just have extra space, it could just be your driveway is close to that paticular motorists place of work.

Research has shown that around 350,000 parking spaces have been made available to rent for an average of just over £2,000, with places like London, Brighton and Edinburgh being the most popular locations within the UK, But so is Doncaster, this could be down to the regular, efficient, direct rail links with the capital.

Trains direct to the capital are around every 30 minutes and many commuters are taking average of the 1 hour 45 minutes it takes to arrive in Kings Cross so you can see why Doncaster has become a popular place to live on the commuter belt.

Peace of mind

It’s not always just commuters to the capital that are looking for a safe and secure place to park in DN1, those that live just outside the city in places like Coinsbrough, Rossington, Hatfield and Adwick Le Street are just wanting a guaranteed safe place to park while working instead of going through a one way system and having to fight for a spot at the top of a multi storey car park, let’s face it it’s not what you want on a Monday morning.

Your driveway doesn’t always have to be empty, as long as there is room to park a 2nd or even a 3rd vehicle then you can take advantage of renting out the extra space, many motorists that commute will actually prefer the extra security a residential property offers rather than a public car park. It’s also a guaranteed spot which means no more wasting time fighting for a spot.

Buildadrive offers a range of driveway surfaces, that will make your driveway not only look pristine but one that will last the test of time. We always work with the very best of materials and install driveways to industry accepted specifications, offering a 10 year guarantee for all our installations.

To find out how much a driveway would cost you, just enter your dimensions into our free instant online calculator here and choose the surface type that you are looking for.


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