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Lots of industries have taken a hit over the recent few weeks due to covid-19, no more so than the British car industry, as it produced just 197 cars in April. That’s the lowest level of cars since the Second World War.

The year before 70,971 cars were produced in UK factories, the ones that were produced are premium and luxury sports cars, manufactures to close included Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and Nissan.

The largest automotive manufacturing plant in the UK is the Nissan one in Sunderland will reopen at the start of June.

With car dealerships being closed as classed as none essential shop, indications are lots of people are looking for a new motor. Brand new cars don’t always have to be bank breaking. Britain’s cheapest new car is The Sandero starting at just £6,995

Plenty of people will have new cars parked on their driveway shortly and in the recent hot weather we are having it will be tempting to give the car a clean to keep it looking pristine.

But car washing can be a common way to damage the car, try holding off using a car wash, if you decide to wash the car at home don’t wash the car in direct sunlight always choose a cooler part of the day, avoid washing up liquid and abrasive cloths, pre-rinse the car instead.

What better way to shop off your new car than present on a new pristine driveway? We have 6 surface types to choose from each with their own range of colours and designs. So which ever new car you choose we have a driveway for you.

Use our free instant online estimation calculator by adding your driveway dimensions, if you are happy then submit your details and we will arrange a site survey.





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