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Do you have a driveway gate to compliment? Here is our guide to buying a new driveway gate. understand that a driveway is the entrance to your home and will rapidly improve the kerb appeal of any property, but why not go the extra mile and compliment your new driveway with an extra level of security and install a new driveway gate, it will really set your property apart.

Like choosing a new driveway, choosing the perfect the driveway gate brings its own questions.

The first question you should ask is consider the primary purpose of the driveway gate/s.

Is it the driveway gate for extra security? To improve the whole aesthetic appearance? Or perhaps a combination of them both?

We’d also suggest planning your budget, costs just like a new driveway can vary widely so planning ahead is a must.

Swing Gates

We’d say that this is the most common option, with swing gates normally opening inwards and towards the property, this avoiding traffic and pedestrians.

Things to consider are the weight of the gates and what can support them, if you need a single or double gate and if sufficient clearance is available to open the gates, pay extra attention to properties where there is a slope or gradient.

You should normally find that swing gates are the cheaper option when it comes to the choice between them and sliding gates.

Swing gates can be made from a variety of choices each a different cost, this includes timber and wrought iron.

Sliding Gates

This gate option is a gate on a track and roller, again can be installed as a single or double gate.

Sliding gates are a great option if there is a lack of space for swing gates to open inwards or an uneven surface is across the surface of the gate.

You’ll find because of the work involved and operation cost the sliding driveway gates do tend to be more expensive, however they do provide extra security than a swing gate wouldn’t offer, this is why they tend to be the driveway gate of choice for commercial property.

Wooden or metal?

Here we take a look at what the advantages and disadvantages are of having wood or metal gates:


Advantages – Cheaper and conventional

Disadvantages – If not maintained they can warp and show signs of age


Advantages – Robust and need very little maintenance

Disadvantages – Do tend to cost more and can be less attractive

It’s worth noting different driveway surface types will lend themselves to different driveway gates, so if you’re still undecided about what driveway surface is for you take a look at our estimation tool here.

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