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In our latest news post we’re investigating how you can make money from your driveway.

How to turn your driveway into an electrical car charging port, whilst making money!

The Government has set itself a target to make the UK greener, one of those challenges is to increase the number of new charging points for vehicles but at the current rate the UK is set to miss its own target by someway unless we rapidly increase the speed of the installation of new charging points.

As the manufacturing of petrol and diesel cars on UK roads will decrease, electric cars needs to replace them. The Government is after all committed to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

This would be great in an ideal world but the main sticking point at the moment is infrastructure. As of the end of April 2021 the UK had only around 15,000 charging locations, simply just not enough to service the whole of the UK’s cars.

The rate of the new locations is just too low, it needs to be five times faster than it currently is in order to hit the Governments own target. One solution is for private charging points being made available to the public.

Most electric car owners will charge their car overnight whilst this is great for homeowners who have a driveway those that have on street parking then it’s not ideal.

Government grants

You will find if you install the right equipment you can claim a Government grant.

This includes a 75% contribution to the cost of the charge-point and installation, with the average cost to charge 60kwh battery with a roughly 200 mile range will cost about £8.40 for a full charge.

There is room for extra income – by making a margin on the cost of electric you’re charging for car owns to charge their car.

If you’re the owner of domestic or commercial property that is thinking of cashing in on this incentive then why not make your car parking spaces more inviting with a resin car parking port?

Customers would like to leave their car in an area that looks safe, secure and well maintained and there is no better way than to offer a brand you, visually inviting car park.

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