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We all know ways to increase the value of your property, a new driveway being one them. After all first impressions when visiting a property are what sets expectations.

Some of the varying factors can include garden features, these have been known to put potential buyers off purchasing the property.

What would stop you from buying your dream home? Old outdated décor, broken fence panels, overgrown wild plants and shrubs. It has been said it takes just 10 seconds to make your mind up on buying a property. So first impressions count, good and bad.

Some of the key garden features to stop a potential buyer, other than a broken, in need of repair and attention driveway are:

Japanese knotweed, an invasive plant that has taken value straight from the property. The weed has been known to spread extremely rapidly.

Large oversized water features have been known to take 10% of market value off the property, great for wildlife but buyers don’t tend to agree.

An un-kept garden is not a great first impression, the upkeep and maintenance has been known for buyers asking for up to 2% discount just to bring the garden up to speed.

Broken fence panels and broken chipped walls, repairs don’t come cheap! A broken fence can also be dangerous for young children.

A New Driveway

Remember first impressions count, so if you are looking to gain the maximum value for your property get out into the garden and make sure the garden is presentable, and if the driveway is in disrepair why not invest in a new pattern imprented driveway? We have a wide range of surfaces to choose from in a selection of finishes to suit all properties.

Use our free installation tool for an estimation, just enter your measurements!

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