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James Bond style driveways 

The mega rich and famous are always looking to have the best of gadgets, well now some are going all out on a new driveway. Ideal if you have a small space to park your vehicle on. If you want to keep your supercar safe and secure, these James Bond type driveways could be for you. 

If we are being realistic you probably don’t have the stupid amount of money these supercars and driveways will set you back. But here at Buildadrive we wanted to take a look at these James Bon / Thunderbird type driveways. 

A secret way of hiding your vehicle in the basement, drive your car to the centre of your driveway and let the secret agent type gadget lower you into the basement. This does allow you to free up space in your driveway, maybe to entertain, enjoy the garden space or park a second car on. 

Mechanism System

The mechanism and hydraulic system in the driveway are operated by a remote control so you don’t even have to leave the car, within 30 seconds your rolling your car off the driveway in the basement. 

We are not sure how many of these driveways will be purchased anytime soon across Yorkshire as they start at a cool £35k, but they are becoming popular across London with property prices rising and land becoming more and more expensive in the capital, we also do think they look smart. 

Resin Driveway Ideal

So, if you do have a supercar or two and can afford this futureistic basement parking system, then these types of driveways can ideally made of resin, why not take a look at our resin driveways and see which finish you like. If you are like the rest of us it could be something we all look towards in the future. 

Get an estimate of a new driveway with our free estimation calculator here. If you have questions about a new driveway then please be sure to get in touch. 

(Image by Solent News)  

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