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Preparing the ground for your new driveway is key. The preparation of the groundwork will determine how long the driveway will last. A main factor when laying a new driveway is the existing surface. 

Existing Surfaces  

BuildADrive have a dedicated department that will first arrive and power clean the current driveway for a new resin driveway as an example. In order to obtain the best finish and quality driveway make sure the company you choose to lay your driveway take extra care, we have over 20 years' experience in driveway installation and pride ourselves on the work we do. 

We will endeavour to make sure the surface is clean and check for any weakness or substance in areas of the existing driveway. This can be missed and oversighted by many driveway companies that don’t have the knowledge that BuildADrive have. 

If any remedial works need to take place in areas of the current driveway they will be identified and corrected so that the sub base is adequate for years to come. 

Excavation Of Your New Driveway

Again, another important part of preparation for your new driveway, we will fully excavate the area needed to the correct specifications using only the best materials and equipment to do the job in hand. 

At BuildADrive we use top of the range equipment on all our driveways as we believe that is the correct way to go and has proven to be successful, leaving a top-quality driveway that will last years. 

Aftercare Of Your New Driveway 

We always have a professional attitude to our work and it's something we pride ourselves on above and beyond many other companies. It’s important to build a good relationship with all of customers, so we will leave aftercare advice and a reduced power cleaning service annually to keep your driveway looking immaculate.  

This service we hope will provide you with peace of mind as we know this is an important purchase for you. If you have any problem’s we are always on hand to help. 

Watch Out For Competitors 

Not all our competitors pride themselves on their preparation and expertise, some companies have been known to simply clean down the old driveway with a little water and brush, this isn’t something we would recommended. 

This could cause many problems further down the years with loose surfaces causing problems with the insubstantial sub base. If you want an estimate on the cost of your new driveway that will be done by a professional team with years of experience use our new driveway cost calculator.


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