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Fence paint sales has gone through the roof since the country went into lockdown and of course the hot sunny days have helped. People have resulted to getting out into the garden and fixing and repairing things such as the garden fence.

But we take a look at buying a fence rather than repairs and consider what makes a fence…. A good fence? Below are some factors to consider, most are very similar to what to consider when purchasing a new driveway.

5 Factors to Consider

The durability, will the fence do what is supposed to do and last a number of years to come, will it handle the Yorkshire weather we have, such as mild winters and strong winds.

Minimal maintenance, no one wants to keep attending a garden fence, so consider what work will be needed to keep the garden fence looking pristine once installed.

Attractiveness, does both sides of the fence look attractive? Will it affect your neighbours view? Remember fence panels just like driveways can come in an array of colours, finishes and surface texture.

Does the fence provide extra security? It’s worth looking how it easy it would be to scale the fence, does it have natural footholds or provide leverage so that it’s easier to climb over the fence.

Lastly how private is the garden now? Part of the fences function is keeping what’s in your garden area private from prying eyes.

New Driveway

Why not complement your new garden fence with a new driveway? If you are looking for a new driveway just enter your dimensions into our instant online calculator for a free no obligation estimate.

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