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Here at The Yorkshire Resin Company we are all about enjoying your garden area and maximising what you can do with it. If you already have a veg patch we take a look at what veg can to be sowed this month and if you don’t have one fear not they are simple to set up and can take up very little space.

Towards the end of May frost has normally passed allowing many seeds to be directly sown outdoors without any fear, these include popular veg choices such as carrots, beetroot and cucumber, with some veg still needing to be sown indoors.

What are your choices?

Beetroot, is a good easy to grow option, they need very little encouragement and maintenance to grow and establish themselves, so a good option to plant with the kids while they are off school. Beetroot can come on a variety of colours.

Sweetcorn, if this is one of your choices, then time is running out to get them planted, May is the really the last chance you have to have them sown allowing them enough time to grow and ripen fully.

Cucumber, always taste so much better if you have grown them yourself, always great in salads.

Sprouting Broccoli, a robust vegetable that can be cooked in so many different ways, packed with nutrients.

Carrots, another easy to grow vegetable, something to get the children involved with too, comes in the classic orange colour but you can also find a variety of choices such as Yellow, Purple and White.

A new resin driveway as a surface choice as a lot of things in common with the vegetables you should be sowing in May.

  • Hard and robust – can handle everything thrown at it
  • Comes in a variety of colours – view our wide selection of finishes
  • Popular choice – Resin is an ever growing surface choice

If you would like to find out how much a new resin driveway would cost you, take a look at our free, no obligation estimation calculator, or give us a call directly on 0113 512 0398

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