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Unfortunately it happens, if you don’t choose a reputable driveway installers who lay the foundations right, including using the right materials and working to the correct specifications, what appears at first sight to be a well installed driveway overtime it will sink. This can happen all across different driveway surfaces and not specific surface types.

We’ve seen an increase in calls and enquires asking for help with their driveway sinking, and with further investigation we have found that the driveway installers have cut corners in order to save money and speed up the installation process.

Most of the time we have found that the driveway installers have said all the right things, they’ll be using the right materials and according to the job pack they offer, they’ll also work to the correct specifications. However when on site, either the wrong materials have been installed or they have just cut corners and not worked the right specifications, ultimately leading to the driveway to fail and start to sink. In some cases it hasn’t even taking years to happen but just months.

Why do driveway installers cut corners?

There are a number of reasons why other driveway installers would do this, here are some of the reasons why they would do so:

  • Less waste created from the excavation, means less cost of waste removal.
  • Cost of digger hire would be reduced.
  • Less outlay of cost on quality material such as Type 1
  • Removing several tonnes and replacing takes time and a higher labour cost
  • The pitch, you can pitch to customers at a vastly reduced rate to more established professional driveway installers.

Here at Buildadrive we don’t cut corners we always work to the correct specifications, we only use the very best in materials which is why we can provide you with a full 10 year guarantee on all installations.

All our surface pages have individual specification diagrams of how we work along with an installation video. You can be rest assured of a quality driveway.

We advise anyone that is looking for a new driveway installation to research the company, read their reviews, ask questions and ask for a full job pack to be included.

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