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About Block Paving

Block paving is a visually stunning choice and is a great addition to any home or property. With a huge choice of colours and design it's easy to create a wonderful space that will add Kerb appeal and value.

This practical surface is great to live with and will serve you well for years to come. The only downfall which puts many people off this option is the maintenance which can be time consuming or expensive.

It's worth factoring in the ongoing cost of maintenance as it can get expensive and will need doing ideally every year to keep the surface looking at it's best.

All specifications and processes of work are designed for footpaths and residential driveways. If you require information for a heavy commercial application please get in touch.

Main Advantages of Block Paving Driveways

  • Visually stunning
  • Various styles and colours
  • Long lasting
  • Good value
  • Easily repaired
  • Good for removing snow and ice

Main Disadvantages for Block Paving Driveways

  • High maintenance
  • Can be susceptible to lichen and efflorescence
  • Costly to maintain

Annual Maintenance and Cost of Block Paving Driveways

The best way to maintain block paving is to use a specialised flat surface cleaner or turbo lance and thoroughly clean the area. Avoid using a standard jet wash fan lance as it can displace the river sand underneath the blocks which leads to an uneven surface.

Once the blocks are clean and have had a day or two to properly dry throughout the structural lays you will need to brush fresh kiln dried sand in to stabilise the blocks.

To keep weeds and future growth at bay it's a good idea to use a quality high solid sealer over the entire surface . Be generous with the sealer and aim to saturate the sand so once dry it sets the sand solid in between the blocks.

Expect to pay £6-£8 per sq.m for a block paving driveway to be professionally cleaned, re-sanded and sealed.

For reduced rates on maintenance check out or contact them on 0113 260 8970 to get an estimate. Be sure to quote your job number and receive a 10% discount.

Warranty With This Installation

All our block paving driveways come with a ten year warranty.

Examples of Block Paving

Amalfi Carrara Stone

Amalfi Peakstone

Como Granite Stone

Como Rustic Gold

Ginestro Quad Niddstone

Ginestro Quad Tini Niddstone

Modena 60 Granite Stone

Modena 60 Peakstone

Sorrento Arissa

Sorrento Brunello

Sorrento Carrara Stone

Sorrento Granite Stone

Sorrento Niddstone

- Many more colours available upon request.

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block paving driveways

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Frequently asked Questions

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Is it normal for the block paving to sink in trafficked areas?

No, certainly not. Like any driveway the wearing course is only as good as the sub base. It’s paramount when installing a block driveway that the correct specification on base courses is adhered too. Even with the right type and depth of base coats will fail if not properly compacted. A walk behind vibrating plate is not enough for any base courses . Ideally a large ride on vibrating roller on large areas or heavy diesel forward/reverse walk behind compactors on smaller areas.

I’ve heard jet washing can damage my block paving? Why is that?

The problem is not with jet washing. Infact, that is the best way to maintain block paving! It is about using the right attachment on the jet washer itself.

If you use a standard jet wash that shoots water through a straight jet then the water will be forced all the way down the sides of the blocks and potentially displace the grit sand under the blocks leading to distorted blocks once trafficked. Professional flat surface cleaners are designed with jets that shoot water at a 45% angle and are designed to remove only the top 15-20mm of the surface between the blocks below the surface. This way of cleaning is important to a long lasting trouble free block paving driveway.

Can block paving be repaired?

Yes; block paving is the easiest hardstanding to repair. If it's one of ours please contant us for any repairs if it needs to be dug up at any point. If reinstated by a third party and it failed it would void the warranty.

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