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The ever growing popularity of pattern imprinted concrete driveways were first developed in America at some time in the 1950s, they quickly realised that a concrete type texture could be stamped within cement allowing for a decretive finish.

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways come in a wide variety of patterns, designs and colours. A very flexible solution not just limited to driveways but that if patios and paths, you will find them across domestic and commercial properties. As a robust and durable design, it will bring to life any driveway.

The team here at Buildadrive have a vast experience in installing pattern imprinted concrete, so we will happily provide you with expert advice and provide samples for you to choose from. Buildadrive are more the confident that we’d leave you with a driveway to impress your neighbours, friends, family or customers.

Here at Buildadrive we always work to manufactures specifications and use the highest quality driveways, all our installations come with a 10 year guarantee.

Common Myths of Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways

“The surface is sealed and can become slippery when wet”, we install a polymer that makes the surface none slip.

Damage to the surface such as a bust water pipe means the driveway cannot be fixed, normally this type of repair will take a couple of hours and will hardly be noticed.

“Pattern imprinted concrete struggles in the cold weather and cracks” this isn’t the case, if installed by professionals such as Buildadrive, this is normally something that will happen when a company cuts corners.

If you are looking to install a pattern imprinted concrete driveway and have some questions then be sure to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. To find out how much a pattern imprinted concrete driveway would cost you use our free online estimator tool.


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