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Does a driveway add value to your home? 

When selling your home first impressions count, how tidy the garden is, how presentable and tidy the outside area is such as pruning the bushes and fixing up broken brakes and chipped paint work. 

But a major selling point is a nice, beautiful driveway not only is this a focal point but provides practicality too, off street parking next to the family home, providing extra space for larger families that may have more than one vehicle. 

Homes that have a second car increased by way over a half a million-last year, as the demand for cars increase so will homeowners in need for the space to keep them on. 

What do potential buyers look for? 

Some important potential buyers will ask themselves are: If it’s difficult parking in the street? Will the driveway need to be replaced? Do residents need a permit to park on the street? More reasons why a new driveway can add value. 


It’s estimated that a new driveway can increase your property value by amazingly between 5% and 10%. So, if your Harrogate home is currently worth £600k it could increase the value to £660k meaning your new Harrogate driveway is worth the money, make sure if you do go ahead with a new driveway that you spend the extra money on using the best materials and the driveway itself is built to last. You should see this as an investment. 

What driveways can decrease value? 

Poorly built driveways that need replacing just won’t cut it, these will drop the value of your property as the buyer will need to invest extra money in a new driveway. This is why it’s so important to do your research into the company you choose to install your driveway, we have over 20 years' experience in the installation of driveways and pride ourselves on our work, you just need to take a look over our before and after photos. 

Poorly built driveways can include, not installing the driveway to the correct specifications, using poor stanard materials, bad planning of drainage which may cause flooding and not installing a drop kerb as its illegal to drive over footway without one. 


See your new driveway which ever surface you choose as an investment; it doesn’t matter if it’s a tarmac driveway or an Indian flagstone driveway as long as you make sure the installation and specifications are met. 

So, based on the UK’s average sale price and the stats of how much a new driveway can add to the property value a new driveway adds on average £23k to the property value. But this does change on the location of your property. 

If you are looking for a hassle-free estimate use our online calculator this will give you an idea of a new driveway cost, any questions you may have be sure to get in touch. 



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