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You may have made the decision that you want or need a new driveway, but do you need planning permission? The shirt answer to this question is it depends on if the material you use is permeable or non-permeable.

If you have made your mind up on a driveway surface of a material that’s none permeable such as slate, then you will be required to request for planning permission. This regulation was introduced in 2008 with the aim to reduce localised flooding. It also reduces the negative effect these driveways can have on the ecosystem.

Permeable or semi-permeable driveways allow water to drain through them, this reduces the risk of flooding and there is no need to request planning permission as a result. Permeable driveway surfaces include resin, gravel, permeable block paving, porous concrete and asphalt. The council also allow driveways that direct water to a border, lawn or some form of natural drain, again this means you don’t need to request for planning permission.

What will I need planning permission for?

In some instances you may move the access to your driveway than where it currently leads to the road, if you are gaining access now over a footpath then you will need to be requesting for a drop kerb to be fitted and in some cases the strength of the footpath to be reinforced, this is to protect any services that maybe running in the footpath itself.

To request planning permission you will need to contact the Highways Department of your local council, the process can change from region to region, some councils will wish to carry out the work themselves and some will allow approved contractors.

We install a wide range of driveway surfaces all to the correct specifications meaning we take care of the full installation for you from start to finish, so that you don’t need planning permission for the driveway installation itself as our services are either permeable or semi permeable.

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