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Here at Build A Drive we install a whole range of driveways, one of those is gravel driveways, a popular choice of surface and can be a valued addition to any property, commercial or domestic.

It’s a surface that has a low upfront cost, so if you are looking for a cheaper option for a driveway this could be the surface for you. Gravel provides a versatile surface, used on its own or as a mixture with another driveway surface such as along the borders, this brings down the cost overall of a driveway.

Our gravel options come in array of colours that will suit any Yorkshire garden, no matter what colour you are needing we will have an option for you. Build a drives options range from Golden, Green, Heritage and Reds.

If time is of an essence for you, gravel can be installed quickly and efficiently. Overall gravel driveways are low maintenance and need little attention.

Just be warry that once a gravel driveway has been installed and looking beautiful, some of the gravel has tendencies to reach other areas of the garden, this can be resolved by installing raised edges.

It can prove a difficult surface to navigate for the older generation or those that are disabled because of how even uneven the gravel lays.

Where passing vehicles use the driveway it will need racking to keep the driveway looking pristine.

Gravel is proven not to be ideal in winter months, snow and ice can become a real problem to clear in comparison to a smoother driveway choice.

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