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Driveways are a must for homeowners all over the country, large or small, every driveway should meet the requirements and specifications of the homeowner and fellow residents.

You’ll find that a driveways main requirement is a safe place to store vehicles, this resulting in wear and tear, often resulting in a tired looking driveway in need of some tlc, or even a new driveway.

There are a number of surfaces you can choose from, here at we offer a choice of six of the most popular surfaces. In this blog we take a look at two cost efficient driveway choices and there pro’s and con’s so that you can best make your decision.

Gravel Driveways

A popular choice for many, a cost efficient way of producing a driveway, it without doubt produces a unique driveway surface, gravel comes in different sizes and colours, each of which can provide a statement in their own way. If its kerb appeal you’re looking for then gravel could be the option for you.

Gravel is quite easy to maintain in comparison to other driveway surfaces as in it won’t mark or damage potentially as much as others. However some stones may get dispersed over time and you’d need to be on top of weed and other contaminated growth.

If you have young children, elderly or disabled residents or frequent visitors to the property then gravel may not be the ideal option for you due to the uneasy surface it provides and you may wish to take a look at a sturdier, flat surface option.

Tarmac Driveways

A firm favourite with many, tarmac is used for a variety of reasons not just the installation of driveways, this includes pathways and car parks to name a couple for both domestic and residential properties.

Often used for its many practicalities and robust surface, tarmac is an extremely cost effective way of providing your property with a driveway that will last for many years to come.

However if you’re looking for something that will stand out from your neighbours, providing kerb appeal, then tarmac is simply not the surface for you. Although you can offer some decoration and style to the driveway with your choice of edging. Spend some time researching more about tarmac driveways if you’re undecided.

Gravel vs Tarmac – The decision

Both will last for many years, both offer a low maintenance option, however tarmac is far better for children, elderly and the disabled, if its kerb appeal you’re wanting then we’d recommended taking a look through all the different variety of gravel available of we’re sure you’ll find something that will meet your specifications.

Take a look at our surface pages to find out more about every surface type you can choose from, before your making mind up, you can always use our free, instant, online estimation tool to compare the difference in prices of tarmac and gravel, as this could decide the surface choice for you.

You can find our estimation tool here.

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