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Direct Line did a survey in 2013 that suggested that the number of homes with more than one car was on the increase, it found out more than 60% of home owners had two or three cars and this can only have increased since then.

Chances are your property has the need or has a driveway that will be large enough for three cars, this to keep your vehicles safe and secure. So how do you accommodate for these vehicles in your driveway and yet keep your driveway looking stunning? After all it’s about the balance of practicality and presentation.

Planning the driveway space

What is important is the planning of space, when you are considering the planning of your front garden. Always plan for the car spaces to include opening the car door, you need to have access into and out of the car without a squeeze.

Will the driveway be practical and safe? For example no one wants part of their car to be parked over the pedestrian footpath. It isn’t something that will be thrilling but make sure the safety aspect of the driveway is right, things to consider are shrubs and trees that could block the view of the road when leaving the driveway heading into traffic.

Now once the planning is out of the way, you can leave the installation of the driveway to the professionals and start planning the garden area. Make sure the driveway, footpaths and garden look appealing with different colours.

What may be a good idea if possible is once the driveway is installed with the driveway edging, put some shrubbery or borders at the side this will break the garden appearance up. Hanging baskets and plant tubs could also additional colour to the garden.

Here at Buildadrive we have a variety of surface types to select from, each will offer something different to your garden. Our driveway surfaces can come in an array of colours and designs so we suggest spending some time on our site and selecting a driveway surface that will compliment your garden the best.

If you have any questions then be sure to be in touch, in the meantime why not measure up the dimensions of the driveway and use our free instant online driveway estimation tool?


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