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You will find in some areas of Yorkshire that gravel driveways are extremely popular, but can be harder to spot in other areas. We often see in rural areas such as across the Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire North Moors that gravel is choice of surface for driveways.

Gravel has been known to be used in conjunction with other surfaces, this is to bring the overall cost down as you will find gravel driveways in comparison to other surfaces are cheaper. Other costs to include are the extras, these include raised edging, steps, drain covers and borders.

The term gravel refers to loose rock or stones, larger than sand but much smaller in dimension than a cobble. Gravel in terms of finish comes in array of colours that impact the overall cost of the driveway, as different gravel types and colours have a difference in cost per m2. Build a drive only work with the very best of material. Other impacts of cost include the size of the driveway and the depth needed to fill the driveway requirements.

DIY Gravel Driveway or the Professionals?

Installing a gravel driveway yourself maybe relatively straight forward for a DIY enthusiast with the correct equipment, but you will pay more for materials and it will take a lot longer to install, it would be quite easy to misjudge the amount of base layer and gravel you actually need.

Our advice would be to leave it to the professionals, here at Build a drive we have the experience of excavating and installing gravel driveways for in excess of 25 years.

Most gravel driveways will need some excavation work, the top layer for sure will need to be removed, and this is our area of expertise. All our gravel driveways installations come with a 10 year guarantee and is built into the cost.

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