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So, you’ve decided on the surface you want for your driveway, you’ve even decided on the colour but who do you choose to install your driveway?

Make sure you ask the important questions that will determine how well you driveway will be installed, and just as important go on your gut feeling do you feel combatable with them, do they appear experienced, knowledgeable and do you trust they will deliver the driveway you have selected.

What are the questions to ask to fill you with confidence?

There isn’t anything more important that to feel comfortable with the driveway installers, gain yourself a little knowledge on the correct specifications and quiz them on materials used and the installation process they work to, tradesman that are worthwhile working with won’t have a problem with you seeking reassurances.

  • What depth will you be going down to?
  • What materials will you be using as a sub-base?
  • How will you make sure there is adequate drainage?
  • Do they expect any gas or water pipes to cause any issues?

Our team have worked in the groundworks industry for over 25 years, so they will have the experience needed to successfully install your driveway to the correct requirements and specifications.

You can view our accreditations here.

Is the company right for you?

Experience is one thing, but confidence is another factor, how did you feel from the first visit onwards? Are they polite, did they listen to what you are looking to achieve? Did they make suggestions on how best to achieve what you are requiring? Communication is key is jobs like this, it’s important that everybody is clear and understands the project from the start.

The quote

Lastly make sure to check the quote, does it cover everything that was discussed? You don’t want any hidden costs to occur during or after the installation of your driveway.

We always provide a fully itemised quote, so that everything is transparent from the start. Make sure to double check that all is correct.

We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge, customer service and upfront transparency which is why we can provide you with a free, online estimation calculator found here, we have no extra hidden costs.

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