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In our latest news post here at we take a look at a brief overview of a maintenance guide for tarmac, Tarmacadam is an extremely durable and reliable surface finish, if installed to the correct specifications and cared for after the installation it will last for years to come.

So how do you care for a new Tarmac Driveway?

  • You should wait around 48 hours after the final course of tarmac is laid, during this period the tarmac will be soft and parking your car on the tarmac could indent the freshly laid tarmac, footfall should be perfectly fine.
  • We’d advise from using power steering when stationary, this is because it could cause visible scuff marks, even more so in hot weather. These marks are normally superficial and more than likely fade away, but probably best to avoid if you can.
  • During hot summer months, tarmac can be susceptible to damage from objects applying immediate pressure to the surface, normally from things like bike kick stands and ladders, so be sure to use things like mats or wood to take some of the pressure off the tarmac.
  • Avoid spillages if possible, things like petrol and diesel can cause cracks on the surface if left untreated, be sure to clean the surface immediately with water or attempt to soak up the spill with sand or sawdust.
  • As the driveway gets older, over years those with direct sunlight exposure can sometimes experience weed growth by using an appropriate weed killer this will eliminate them from re-occurring.

Having had over 25 years’ experience in groundworks and installing tarmac driveways all across the Yorkshire and Humber region we can answer all the questions you may have related to tarmac as surface choice so be sure to get in touch.

For an idea of the cost involved in installing a tarmac driveway, why not enter your dimensions into our instant online estimation tool, found here.



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