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It’s important that you select the right gravel that will compliment your driveway the most, sitting alongside your garden and property. Gravel is a cost effective way to cover a large area, it’s a natural solution and can be if installed correct low maintenance. A gravel driveway will leave a rustic feel to any property.

Choosing the right gravel

Ideally you would choose a gravel that compliments the brickwork of your residential or commercial property or indeed any natural brickwork located in the garden. We always suggest viewing the gravel before you buy it and remember it can look totally different when wet.

Size of gravel

Gravel for driveways will more than likely be medium to large in size, this will reduce movement, won’t get stuck in tyres and make it easier to walk across.

You will need to think of how you will retain the gravel on the driveway, this is something we can help with here at on a site visit and explore all options available.

Installing a gravel driveway

When installing a gravel driveway we will install onto a solid foundation, always meeting the correct specifications, this making sure your new gravel driveway will last for years to come.

We have worked in the groundworks industry for over 25 years, we always install driveways to the correct specifications, holding industry accepted accreditations, and this allows us to offer a 10 year guarantee across all our installations.

Take a look at our online gravel driveway gallery of previous work we have installed to see the standards we work to, or you can read about our gravel driveway specifications here.

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To find out how much a gravel driveway would cost you, just enter your measurements in our free online estimation calculator here.

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