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Tarmac is a popular driveway surface choice which is also known as tarmacadam. If you are looking for a strong material, low cost yet practical then a tarmac driveway could be the choice for you.

Tarmac over several years and with regular vehicle use can become tired looking if not regular maintained, the impact in which a new tarmac driveway would have had when first installed will now be reduced.

So what can you do to keep your tarmac driveway looking great for as long as possible?

  • During the hottest of summer days when temperatures are at their very highest, tarmac has been known to soften and this is when damage can occur to the surface. You can keep the tarmac cool with hosing the surface with water, this will keep the tarmac hard.
  • Scuffs – Like any driveway surface they age, the black material will over years fade away, scuffing is caused when vehicles turn whilst the vehicle is stationary. It’s worth noting not to turn the steering wheel whilst stationary if possible to avoid at all.
  • Spillages can occur, accidents happen, small amounts of petrol really don’t cause any unwanted damage however large amounts can cause cracks. To reduce this from occurring if a spillage was to happen its best to place sand or sawdust on the spillage and this will soak the petrol up from the surface.
  • Indentations are caused to any driveway if a heavy object such as a car jack is placed directly onto the surface, this can be avoided if a piece of wood is placed between the weighted product and the point of contact with the driveway, this spreads the weight of impact from a pressure point.

We’d suggest extending the life of your tarmac driveway with a yearly sealant applied directly to the surface, this will act as a barrier and stop the elements such as rain and ice from causing any damage.

By keeping your driveway protected and by following general maintenance suggestions your protecting your investment, it also allows your driveway to be looking the part for years to come. – Tarmac Driveways

If you are thinking of a new tarmac driveway here a Buildadrive we can help with our professional, fully insured team, we’ve over 20 years’ experience in groundworks and hold industry accreditations.

So if it’s your residential or commercial property you are looking to add a tarmac driveway or car park to, get in touch directly through our contact form or call us direct on 0113 512 0398.

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