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Firstly, this doesn’t have to be spot on, it’s just so you can get an idea of the estimate of cost for your new driveway. So, you are looking for a new driveway, the project starts with the measurements and requirements of the driveway. Remember bespoke work will be priced differently. 

Let’s prepare, pick up a pencil, piece of paper and tape measure and go to the driveway area. 

Shape of the space 

We recommend that you draw the space of the area onto the piece of paper, if you are looking for different areas of the driveway to be different surfaces then mark these into the shape you have drawn and separate them out. For example, the main surface area could be a resin driveway with the surrounding areas gravel or flagstone. No one said the driveway had to be one surface. 

Now with your tape measure, measure all the different areas you have marked out on your diagram, make sure you measure in meters and centimetres and take into account where you would like the borders to run. 

Calculating the area of the driveway 

You will need to multiply the length of the area and width; this will give you the total area. An example of this is if your driveway is 15m long and just 3m wide then your driveway area is 45m sq. 

Some areas of the driveway may not be that simple to work out, this will happen if the driveway area is not a square or rectangle and has odd shapes within it. Here we would recommend breaking down the area to be covered into smaller squares, rectangles and triangles. This meaning you can work out the total surface area in smaller shapes. 

To work out the surface area of a triangle multiply the surface area as before the length and width, but divide the number by 2. 

Once you have your measurements to hand, jump online and use our estimation calculator for a good accurate estimation of the cost of your new driveway. 

We always provide a professional service that involves the excavation of the driveway, the right sub base laid first to the correct specifications and only then the driveway of your choice is laid Buildadrive only use quality products. Each surface has different specifications here is an example of our Indian flagstone driveways.

If you need any assistance in measuring your driveway don’t worry, we are always on hand to help! 



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