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We’ve found that Indian Flagstone as a surface choice is steadily increasing in popularity, this could be because of its extreme durability and hard wearing surface or simply because they provide a beautiful finish, with the choice of colours available anything can be achieved.

As the popularity grows, we have noticed our customers asking more questions about the surface choice. Here are some of the most popular questions we’ve come across:

Is Indian Stone actually from India?

Yes! India is a huge country and offers a large diverse geological diverse landscape, which is way there is so many variants in colours available these include sandstone, Limestone, Slate and Granite.

Can I install my driveway with Indian Stone?

Again Yes, It’s the perfect surface type as long as the stone itself is not cut too thinly, otherwise you’ll find the stone will crack under the weight of vehicle traffic.

In short Indian Flagstone is an excellent surface, it’s reliable, durable and hardwearing, offering a choice of colours and styles, meaning patterns can be created across the drive. The choice of the arrangements is purely aesthetic reasons and don’t impact the practical use of the driveway.

What are the colour options Of Indian Flagstone driveways?

There are a whole range of choices of available, all ranging in popularity, if you’re looking for a darker brown colour our “Rippon” choice could be the one for you, a lighter brown option would be “Raj Green”.

The options then range from “Mint Fossil” (White), “Kandla Grey”, to options that are black in complexion such as “Kota Black” and “Black Slate”.

Are Indian Flagstone driveways easy to maintain?

It is important to keep up to the maintenance of an Indian Flagstone driveway as they can be become slippery on the foot if not kept up to and algae and moss start to grow.

The best way to clean Indian Flagstone is to jet wash the surface with a flat surface cleaner, this way no damage is made to the joints.

Indian Flagstone Driveways

If Indian Flagstone is the driveway surface for you and you have some questions that we’ve not covered be sure to contact us either via our online forms, or by calling us directly on 0113 512 0398.

You can get an estimate for a new Indian Flagstone driveway by using our online estimation tool, all you need to do is select Indian Flagstone as the surface and enter your dimensions.


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