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Unfortunately there are some rouge companies that operate and will not use the right materials for the task in hand or work to the correct specifications, this results in what first appears to be a professional job but over years to come the driveway will fall apart, sink holes will appear and the driveway itself will no longer be fit for purpose.

Here at Buildadrive we are often asked by people to take a look at driveway repairs all across the Yorkshire region no matter what the surface type. Some can be resolved pretty quickly, but some have previously been installed that poorly that they need to be dug up and started again so that the driveway can be installed to the correct specifications.


Make sure your driveway installers work with the correct materials for the job and work to industry recognised specifications, or you won’t have a driveway that will last the test of time.

A good driveway installer to rectify a poor driveway installation would excavate the current surface and reinstall the new ground base, that way you have the peace of mind that you won’t have the same problem later down the line.

Each surface type have different specifications for their industry accepted installation and you can find these on each surface page we do.

Driveway Surfaces

Here at Buildadrive we install a range of driveway surfaces that cater for all requirements and budgets, these include block paving, resin, tarmac, Indian Flagstone, gravel and pattern imprinted concrete.

We’re confident we can rectify your driveway if you have been unlucky enough to of had a poorly installed driveway, get in touch for a free onsite survey.

You can use our free estimation tool here to have an idea of how much a new driveway will cost you.

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