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As night follows day, winter is coming! We should expect the Yorkshire weather to drop in temperature, frost, ice, bitter winds and even the possibility of snow. All which can impact your tarmac driveway if you don’t prepare adequately.

We would strongly suggest the below.

Clean your tarmac driveway

You should start with general maintenance of the surface itself. Use a stiff brush and pick up all fallen branches, twigs, leaves and other unwanted debris.

Once all the unwanted contaminated debris is removed give the tarmac surface a good wash with soapy hot water and the brush. For the perfect way to prepare your driveway we offer a professional power cleaning service, this will loosen and remove all those stubborn stains, dirt and grime. If this is something you’re interested in you contact Power Clean UK here.

As we attend your driveway should you have any cracks and damage we’ll do our best to highlight these for you, as your next step should be attending to those areas.

Tarmac Driveway Cracks

It’s common knowledge cracks in your driveway if not looked after can become a problem in colder months when rain water freezes and expands causing further damage when the pressure it causes forces bits of tarmac to breakaway. Cracks normally appear above water damage hidden under the surface of your tarmac driveway, to stop these expanding attention is needed. Add sealant to the cracks, although seeking professional help is probably advisable.

Check the drainage

Poor drainage if your tarmac driveway wasn’t installed by professionals can sink in areas, you will find puddles of water will sit here after a downpour of rain. Make sure to check all areas of the driveway.

Here at Buildadrive we’ll always install your driveway to the correct manufactures specifications, our team will install your driveway with quality products by a professionals with many years’ experience.

All our tarmac driveways come with a full 10 year guarantee, find out more, for an estimate on how much a tarmac driveway would cost you, head over to our estimation tool, select tarmac and enter your dimensions.

If you have any further questions be sure to give us a call.



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