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Tarmac has been around for years and still remains popular today as a driveway surface choice. Here at Buildadrive we’ve installed a great deal for our customers, all of which have chosen tarmac for a variety of reasons.

Tarmac driveways are not just installed on residential properties but that of commercial ones too, this is because they are a reasonably priced surface option that provides durability for a high usage driveway or car parking space.

As you may be aware tarmac is created when tar, a natural binding material with stones, bonding them together in a way that provides a surface that’s hardwearing and practical.

So, what are the most common questions we’re asked regards tarmac driveways? We answer those questions here:

Tarmac driveways, are they cost affective?

You’ll find they provide excellent value for money more so than most other driveway surfaces, may not always be the cheapest up front but if you factor in ongoing maintenance costs you can’t really beat tarmac for value.

Can you make a tarmac driveway look aesthetically pleasing?

Adding in paving blocks is one way of adding additional design and colour to the driveway, this can really make your driveway unique.

Are tarmac driveways low maintenance?

You really don’t have to put much thought and effort into the upkeep of a tarmac driveway, tarmac driveways can easily be cleaned with soapy water and a stiff brush, and you can even repair a tarmac driveways from dents and scratches very easily.

Does a tarmac driveway have to be black?

The most popular colour for a tarmac driveway is in fact black, this is because of the aggregates used when installing the driveway, however at an extra cost you can select a different aggregate and in doing so change the colour of the driveway once installed.

We’ve installed many tarmac driveways all across Yorkshire, Humberside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and parts of Lincolnshire and the North East recently so when it comes to tarmac driveways we’re your local, professional experts.

You’ll find here at Buildadrive we’ll always install your tarmac driveway with the very best of materials and work to the correct specifications, as a company we hold industry approved accreditations so you can be rest assured of a quality tarmac driveway.

If that doesn’t settle your mind that we’re the installers for you just take a look at our reviews and recommendations, even have a browse of our gallery of completed work.

We offer all our customers a 10 year guarantee on all installations just so you have that extra piece of mind.

If you have any further questions about our self or tarmac driveways be sure to contact is via our online forms or by calling us directly on 0113 512 0398.

Why not get a free estimate?

Providing you know your dimensions you can use our free estimation calculator, this will give you an estimate of how much a new tarmac driveway will cost you, if you don’t know your dimensions or just want a site survey then you can arrange a free onsite survey, were we’ll provide you with a fully itemised quote.


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