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You will find that a permeable driveway is a surface type that significantly reduces water run-off, this can include rain, ice and even snow, enabling the navigation of water to drain into native ground under the driveway surface more effectively without the need for any extra drainage.

Surfaces that are porous include dry-laid pavers and gravel, these are great and ideal for drainage, but will work even better and more efficiently with some additional measures, the only permeable surface solution that is fully effective alone is that of resin.

There are some none permeable surfaces types and these include concrete, tarmac, most block paving and flagstone, although there are modifications that can be installed which make them more than adequate as a permeable surface.

To make sure these surface are permeable an absorbent substrate will be installed, extra care will be used to make sure adequate gaps are use between flags and blocks such no surface rain water will be built up, gaps are normally filled with gravel or sand depending on the gap its-self.

Permeable Driveway Surface Options

  • Gravel – A cost effective choice of materials, has a very high success rate when it comes to drainage, a good installer will know to raise the driveway at the centre and slope away to the sides, this resulting in a higher drainage success rate, also speeding up the rate of drainage.
  • Dry-Laid Pavers – You’ll find stones and pavers installed on a bed of sand work well, this technique is what is called in the industry as dry-laying.
  • Resin – A fully SUDs compliant surface, enables water to soak all the way through to the native ground below and surrounding ground.

What is SUDs Drainage?

You may here this a lot if you’re looking at installing a new resin driveway, but maybe a little unsure what this means and entails.

Sustainable urban drainage system – is an efficient drainage system that limits localised flooding. It’s now a legal requirement on all new developments.

Here at we install a wide range of driveway surfaces, so if you have any questions about drainage we can help, we’ve over 25 years’ experience in groundworks so you can be rest assured we can offer the very best solution for you and your requirements.




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