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Here at we install Indian Flagstone driveways and we’re often asked many questions about so we’d thought we’d share some of the most commonly asked questions and a little more so that you’re all clued up.

Stone can be found all across India, it’s a huge country with an extremely diverse geology, and therefore you will find that India provides Sandstone, Limestone, Slate and Granite.

These all come with a range of colours, which can be worked into different textures, ideal for driveways.

Indian Flagstone – Made to paving slabs

Indian flagstone and in fact all other natural paving is sourced from quarries, and then cut into shape and size, which can get very complex. There are a number of steps involved in bring the stone to all its glory.

This process in brief involves:

  • The quarry selects from the best quality stone available
  • Excavation takes place to remove the stone and then transported to the cutters
  • Large blocks of stone are hand-cut into paving stabs, which are then processed
  • Paving slabs finished and ready to be installed


Indian exports huge amounts of sandstone, Limestone, Slate and Granite all across the world as demand is high for these, extremely beautiful and hardwearing, they can be used for so many different things, not just for driveways.


Stones that can weigh up to 10 tonnes are transported to be cut with industrial strength saws, these are normally diamond edged, to cut the stone with ease.


Now cut the slabs are ready for finishing, this is normally done from behind protective screens, this stops employees from inhaling things such as dust.

Indian Flagstone Driveways

Not only a beautiful surface type, but one that’s hardwearing offering many practical benefits for driveways. It’s a great surface type and one that we have installed all across the Yorkshire region.

If you want to know more about Indian Flagstone as a driveway choice click here.



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