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Somethings go over looked when planning a new driveway, creating a beautiful driveway doesn’t always go to plan, so it’s worth considering a couple of options based on the practicality of the land available.

Thoughtful planning is all that you need.

After all your new driveway sets a big impression, it’s the first impression of your property.

Size, shape and surface material are always important to consider but what other factors do you need to consider, such as practicality issues. These could include how many vehicles will be parked on the driveway at any one time.

Natural Geography

Have you considered the land of the driveway? You don’t want anything too flat nor too steep.

Being too flat could perhaps cause drainage issues may so with some surface types. If too steep it could become slippery on the foot bringing its own dangers. As a rule of thumb if at all possible we’d suggest sticking to a gradient of less than 15% per 100 feet.

If the driveway is flat, one option is rising the surface in the middle sufficiently to cause run off taking water to the sides of the driveway.

Do you go straight or curved?

You may choose straight or curved for aesthetic reasons or partly because of the functionality it can bring.

Curved Driveways

A curved driveway can more character, they could function better, and maybe a way of getting around obstructions such as trees, if you go for a curved driveway make sure you don’t create any tight areas.

Straight Driveways

Straight driveways can add character and appeal to any driveway, be sure to add interesting borders, these can create pattern, design and colour.

We install a wide range of driveway surface choices, from resin to block paving and everything in between. We’re experienced in installing driveways all across Yorkshire, Humberside, Greater Manchester and Lancashire just to name a few places we operate.

If you are interested in a free on-site survey to discuss the options open to you, then be sure to contact us online or by giving us a call, we’re more than happy to help.


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