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Different areas of Yorkshire have different crime rates, but even if you live in an area of Yorkshire with a low crime rate, it could be worth adding that extra bit of protection for your property and vehicle.

Some of the best driveway alarms on the market can detect when there is movement on your driveway, this can be set so that any movement across your property boundaries and the alarm will alert you.

There are different types of driveway alarm on the market all with their own specifications and requirements. These include.

Passive Infrared – These are infrared beams that sense movement from heat sources, probably the most common of driveway alarms in Yorkshire. You’ll find the alarm will trigger with humans, animals even car engines.

Active Infrared – Unlike passive infrared alarms these use two parts, a transmitter and receiver, with the transmitter shooting a beam out to the receiver and should anything brake the beam you will be informed.

Magnetic Probe – Another common type, these models are built of an encased PVC pipe, with a metal detector inserted. The pipe being buried a few inches partially underground next to your driveway and is triggered when movement crosses its path. The downfall with this is that it alerts you when metal passes the magnet, so becomes unreliable.

Driveway alarm options

Different types of driveway alarms come in a variety of power sources too, these include battery, solar and electric.

Transmission can vary too, so it’s important to make sure that it suits the requirements of your driveway.

Making sure your driveway alarm is weather proof you’d think would come as standard, but again you should check this feature before any purchase is made.

Not all alarms on the market detect the same thing as stated above, so make sure that the alarm you intend to buy, is going to meet all your specifications.

Common complaint

We’ve found after speaking with our own customers whilst installing their new driveways, is the volume of false alarms that are triggered by the alarm sensor, again make sure that the alarm you are considering won’t be keeping you updated of false alarms in stormy weather or squirrels.

Go all out!

Some of the latest driveway alarms have smart features built in, some of these can be really beneficial, such as voice control and built in cameras so you can view the alarm via your smart phone device.

We install a wide range driveway surfaces all across the region, often when customers have a new driveway installed they look at having a driveway alarm installed at the same time, which isn’t an issue and we can work alongside them.

For any questions regards your new driveway and how we can work alongside your driveway alarm installers get in touch.

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