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One of our most popular driveway surface choices is pattern imprinted concrete, also known as imprinted concrete driveways, or PIC driveways.

It’s not just a popular driveway choice with – It is one the most popular driveway choices in Yorkshire, we’ve installed many pattern imprinted concrete driveways in recent months and we believe the popularity is soaring because of unique styles and colours it offers.

Like with anything that’s popular it comes with questions, some of the most frequent questions we’re asked regards specifically with pattern imprinted concrete driveways are below.

What are PIC driveways?

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways is a method of laying freshly made concrete, with colouring and an imprinting. The imprinting designs are for ever growing as are the colour choices. In terms of choices available there is more selection than indeed most driveway surface choices.

Can I lay a pattern imprinted concrete driveway myself?

The short and honest answer is no, this really isn’t a task for DIY, you would require specialist knowledge.

How expensive is pattern imprinted concrete as a driveway choice?

As an average, and if indeed installed correctly you’ll find that pattern imprinted concrete is a mid-range driveway surface choice.

Does the colour and pattern change the price?

No matter the pattern or colour you choose this won’t affect the overall cost of the driveway, you needn’t worry.

How long will a pattern imprinted concrete driveway last?

You should find, if installed correctly that the driveway will last a lifetime.

Why do you cut expansion joints into the concrete?

This has been recommended by British Standards, the joints are to absorb natural movement in the ground that does happen from time to time.

Will I need planning permission for a pattern imprinted concrete driveway?

As concrete is a non-permeable surface, rain water will need to directed to a natural drainage point, such as the garden, lawn or soakaway. If this can be done successfully then no planning permission is needed.

Buildadrive – Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways

All our pattern imprinted concrete driveway installations come with a 10 year guarantee and installed by fully insured, professionals using the very best of materials and working to specifications throughout.

Take a look through our online gallery of previous pattern imprinted concrete driveways we’ve recently installed.

If we’ve not covered any questions you may have regards pattern imprinted concrete driveways then be sure to get in touch either online or by giving us a call on 0113 512 0398.


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